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Cajoja (CAtharina, JOsepha, JAcoba) is a Dutch artist. She studied Advertising at the Academy of Arts in Rotterdam but prefers to work with ink, acrylic and oil paint.


Inspired by fairy tales and famous stories, Cajoja creates with enchanting paintings her own Wonderland art, populated by kings, angels and other tempting fantasy creatures. Her works of magic are sometimes alienating, then again familiar but always colorful.

She surrounds her fantasy figures with exotic floral and animal motives as was common for Jugendstil and Art nouveau movements in the past. This way, hidden between entangled symbolic patterns, an other story is told.


Cajoja offers us with her abundant paintings of magic what we all crave for once in a while. That is, although for a short moment, a way to escape everyday life.

Everybody needs to escape sometimes. Away from ordinary life into a more beautiful place with brighter colors.

That's why I strive my paintings to be a moment of everyday magic in a loud shouting world. A kind of doorway for those who believe in Wonderland.


Because I think that only those who are without imagination, seek refuge in reality..

My Vision

"Come away, O human child

To the waters and the wild

with a fairy, hand in hand,

For the world's more full

of weeping than you can



William Butler Yeats

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